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A revolutionary approach to eliminating resilient fungi. Fight fungus on skin, hair and nails naturally


Mycosoothe: Discover How to Support Your Immune System and Help Flush Away Infection.

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MycoSoothe fights against skin, hair and nail fungus, thus improving your overall health and even your physical appearance. Packed with all-natural, fungus-fighting ingredients, you can say goodbye to hiding your yellow, crusty nails, and begin living your life again. Plus, MycoSoothe™ not only helps rid your body of persistent fungus now, but it can keep it away for good!” -Dr. Steven Klayman, DC

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MycoSoothe Benefits:

According to PhytAge Labs, MycoSoothe offers the following benefits:

  • Kill toenail fungus fast
  • Strike the root cause of fungus
  • Protect yourself from the deadly, deteriorating effects of fungus
  • Natural ingredients and antifungal formulas
  • Fight back against skin, hair, and nail fungus
  • Support overall health and appearance

How Does MycoSoothe Work?
To achieve the effects above, MycoSoothe contains a blend of bioactive components. These components work in different ways to fight back against the fungus within its body.

Some of MycoSoothe’s ingredients contain compounds that “attack the fungal cell wall,” according to PhytAge Labs. By attacking the cell wall, the ingredients prevent the fungi from replicating and causing more severe health problems.

Other ingredients work in different ways. Some antioxidants, for example, neutralize free radicals throughout the body and support healthy inflammation. These natural antioxidants can make it easier for your immune system to do its job, cleansing your body of harmful fungi and other toxins.

Some ingredients even have natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. They have a long history of use in traditional medicine, for example, showing they can help with fungus, bacteria, swelling, and infection.

PhytAge Labs has packaged all these ingredients into a single, convenient, all-in-one formula. By taking two capsules of MycoSoothe daily, you can fight back against toenail fungus and enjoy proven results.

Tired of Stubborn Fungus? Mycosoothe™  Can Be Your Hero!

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Many people have seen or maybe have even had athlete’s foot themselves before. However, there is no reason that you should have to live with it, especially with so many solutions that are available – naturally. Right now, with your MycoSoothe™ purchase, you can start exploring some simple, beneficial athlete’s foot solutions, with this informative e-book, which is also a $39 value. Right away, you can begin to:

  • Understand exactly what athlete’s foot is, and more about its three different types (Chronic Interdigital Athlete’s Foot, Chronic Scaly Athlete’s Foot and Acute Vesicular Athlete’s Foot) and how they can be identified through symptoms and the appearance of the feet.
  • Learn about similar diseases – While it’s important to take action when the first signs of athlete’s foot show up, it’s also imperative not to confuse the skin disease with other similar problems, such as eczema, psoriasis and simple skin injuries or irritations.
  • Decide which natural solution are best – As with any answer, you’ll need to understand what it is doing to your body, and if it helps your particular version of athlete’s foot. Learn all of the details for each solution, so you can make an educated decision.

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You may have noticed a friend or a loved one with yellowed, cracking or peeling nails, and are now experiencing these unseemly effects on your own nails! This has to change, right? So today, with your purchase of MycoSoothe™, you can learn about some important fingernail fungus solutions, with this informative e-book, which is also a $39 value. Right away, you can begin to:

  • Understand the nature of fingernail fungus – What exactly is fingernail fungus, and why do you have it? Is there a deeper health-related reason, or can a fungus really cause this much damage? You’ll find the answer to these questions and even more in this report.
  • Explore the multiple treatments for fingernail fungus – We all know that every person is different, and a treatment may not always produce the same results. That’s why we have included several different options to choose from, so you can finally say goodbye to fungus!
  • Learn how to stay free from fingernail fungus – While it’s one thing to finally be rid of the embarrassing and painful side effects of fingernail fungus, it’s definitely something that you’ll never want to be faced with again. Here, you can learn how to prevent it in the future.

Change your life for the better. Change your life today.

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MycoSoothe™ provides a safe, nature-based solution that uses its bioactive compounds to attack the fungal cell wall, preventing the fungi from replicating and causing even more serious health problems. Plus, its anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can fight against swelling and infection.

This is all because PhytAge Laboratories uses only the very best ingredients, all of which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP). We’re very confident that you’ll love this product, and because of that, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

👍Relief from fungus infection
👍Promotes nail growth
👍Supports healthy nail and skin
👍Provides immunity to the body
👍Nurtures the body with nutrition
👍Contributes to overall health

✅Contains all-natural and clinically proven ingredients
✅Free of antibiotics and toxins
✅Non-GMO and non-habit or tolerance-forming
✅100% vegan, cruelty-free, and substantially sourced
  • 100% American Made
  • Distilled to the highest possible purity
  • Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients

Say Goodbye to Itchy, Flaky Torment: Mycosoothe Conquers Fungus from the Inside Out.

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MycoSoothe Uses a “Remarkable Amazon Rainforest Discovery”.

Doctors typically recommend over-the-counter or prescription drugs to treat toenail fungus infections. However, MycoSoothe can purportedly offer similar effects without drugs or medication.

How did PhytAge labs solve toenail fungus without relying on topical medication or antibiotics? Where did the secret come from?

According to PhytAge Labs’ formulation team, MycoSoothe was developed based on a “remarkable Amazon rainforest discovery.” Many of the ingredients in MycoSoothe trace their history to the Amazon rainforest and have been used in traditional medicine in South America for centuries.

That remarkable Amazon rainforest discovery is:

  • 100% effective
  • Completely natural
  • It takes less than 90 seconds per day
  • Starts working in a matter of days

Overall, the goal of MycoSoothe is to “eradicate your fungus long before it can threaten your limbs or your life.” Take two capsules of MycoSoothe daily to eliminate toenail fungus today, keep it away long-term, and support your overall health, wellness, and immunity.

WARNING: Stock levels of MycoSoothe™ are very limited Accept your reserved bottle above NOW before your discount expires.


Asked Questions

The problems and damage that skin, hair and nail fungus can cause are not only repulsive, but often irreversible. Nail fungus alone affects an estimated 35 million people, both young and old — from athletes to the elderly alike. In fact, those over 50, with diabetes or with circulation problems, are in the highest risk groups for contracting such ailments.

But today, you can strike the root cause of fungus and protect yourself from its deadly, deteriorating effects with MycoSoothe™! After years of innovative research, MycoSoothe™ may help finally provide the relief you’ve been looking for.

When you order today, MycoSoothe™ will be shipped to your home or office within 7 business days by UPS/FedEx or USPS.

We recommend giving the product a trial run of at least 90 days for best results, but you should be feeling its effects within 7 days.

As a dietary supplement, adults take two capsules daily with water.

MycoSoothe™ is as safe as a daily multi-vitamin. It is not a medication. It’s a natural product that is safe to use for healthy men and women. However, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I would show a bottle to your doctor or pharmacist before taking. Pregnant women and youth under 18 should not use.

MycoSoothe targets “fungal disempowerment resistance,” which is why many antifungal medications don’t work.

Each time you spray medication or apply antifungal cream to your nails, you’re killing most of the fungi but leaving the strongest fungi behind.

Here’s how Brian, who helped create MycoSoothe, explains the dangers of fungal disempowerment resistance:

“Once your infection has progressed to fungal disempowerment resistance, there’s not a single mainstream solution that I know of that could fix it.”

Instead of applying medication to treat fungus, you need to treat fungal disempowerment resistance via a three-step process, according to Brian. Those three steps include:

  • Halt the enzymes the fungus uses to grow and multiply, preventing the infection from worsening.
  • Destroy the fungal cells themselves, ridding your feet of the infection.
  • Fortify your body’s immune defenses to prevent future infections

MycoSoothe works because it walks you through these three steps rapidly. The natural ingredients in MycoSoothe halt the enzymes linked to fungus growth, destroy the fungal cells, and fortify your body’s immune defenses.

The supplement uses an “odd 7-second ‘morning flush ritual’ [that] kills toenail fungus fast.” Typically, doctors recommend using medication – not an oral supplement – to kill toenail fungus. So, is there any evidence behind MycoSoothe’s claims?

As proof that MycoSoothe works as advertised, PhytAge Labs cites 35+ studies on the MycoSoothe references page. These studies cover most of the ingredients in MycoSoothe, showing how they can fight back against fungus throughout the body, defending your nails from the inside out. We’ll review some of that research below.

The most significant ingredient in MycoSoothe is soursop leaf extract. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, soursop has experienced a resurgence in the nutritional supplement world. Some studies have linked soursop to antimicrobial and antifungal effects. A 2016 study found soursop leaf extract could have antimicrobial effects, for example, against multiple types of fungi at different concentrations. Researchers tested the efficacy of soursop against five types of bacteria (including Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus mitis, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, and Candida albicans). They found it was effective against everything except P. intermedia.

Green tea is the third most significant ingredient in MycoSoothe, and it’s been linked to antioxidant effects in multiple studies. Green tea is one of the few ingredients shown to help with fungus infections when taken orally (as a supplement like MycoSoothe) and topically (as a skin treatment or cream). For example, one recent study found green tea was particularly effective against Candida albicans biofilm on the teeth.

Overall, MycoSoothe contains over a dozen ingredients shown to help with fungal infections, inflammation, immune function, and overall health and wellness, and the manufacturer cites dozens of studies validating each of these ingredients.

MycoSoothe offers flexible pricing options to accommodate your nail health needs. A single bottle is available at $69.95, providing a convenient way to get started. For those looking for a more extended regimen, the two-bottle package is priced at $119.90, offering savings for continued support. The four-bottle package, priced at $199.80, provides an even more cost-effective option for long-term care.

MycoSoothe’s commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. If, within 90 days of your purchase, you are not fully satisfied with the product or its results, you can reach out to the customer support team to initiate a hassle-free refund. This policy reflects MycoSoothe’s confidence in its efficacy and dedication to ensuring your satisfaction and well-being.

MycoSoothe is a holistic nail health support formula that offers a wide range of benefits, addressing not only nail issues but also contributing to overall well-being. Now that you have come across the potent ingredients of the product in the previous section of this MycoSoothe review, here are the key health benefits they offer: :

  • Combat Nail and Skin Fungus: MycoSoothe’s unique blend of ingredients targets fungal infections, effectively combating nail and skin fungus. It helps restore the natural appearance and health of your nails.
  • Enhanced Nail Strength: By promoting the production of collagen and essential nutrients, MycoSoothe strengthens nails from within. This results in enhanced nail strength and reduced brittleness.
  • Protection Against Oxidative Stress: The antioxidants in MycoSoothe, including vitamins C and E, selenium, and various plant extracts, protect your nails and skin from oxidative stress. This contributes to a more youthful and vibrant appearance.
  • Immune Support: MycoSoothe contains immune-boosting ingredients such as beta-glucan and mushroom complex, fortifying your body’s defenses against infections that can affect nails and skin.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Turmeric and quercetin in MycoSoothe have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation, providing relief from discomfort associated with nail and skin issues.
  • Improved Skin Health: MycoSoothe’s comprehensive approach extends to supporting skin health. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds assist in maintaining clear and radiant skin.
  • Enhanced Nail Growth: MycoSoothe promotes circulation and nutrient delivery to the nail beds, resulting in improved nail growth. This contributes to the growth of healthier and more resilient nails.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: MycoSoothe is not just a quick fix; it plays a crucial role in preventing future nail and skin issues. Its continuous use helps maintain healthy nails in the long term.

MycoSoothe’s multifaceted benefits make it a valuable addition to your daily routine, not only addressing nail and skin issues but also contributing to your overall health and confidence. With consistent use, you can experience the transformation of your nails and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a natural and effective solution.

PhytAge Labs shares the MycoSoothe supplement facts label upfront, making it easy to see what’s inside the supplement, how it works, and how it compares to other natural nail fungus solutions.

Here are all of the active and inactive ingredients in each two veggie capsule serving of MycoSoothe:

1,512mg of a Proprietary Blend with soursop, raspberry, green tea, beta-glucan, turmeric, maritime pine bark, Essiac tea complex, burdock, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, grape seed, mushroom complex (with shiitake, reishi, and maitake aerial parts), quercetin (from pomegranate seeds), pomegranate seed hull extract, olive leaf, arabinogalactan (from western larch tree), cat’s claw bark, garlic, ginseng, and lycopene (10%)

  • 30mg of vitamin C (33% DV)
  • 20mg of vitamin E (133% DV)
  • 20mcg of selenium (36% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including plant cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline cellulose

MycoSoothe is made by PhytAge Laboratories, a Tallmadge, Ohio-based supplement company. The company offers a range of supplements targeting different health and wellness goals.

PhytAge Labs collaborated with Brian, a 63-year-old journalist, to create MycoSoothe. Although Brian has no medical experience, he used his research skills to identify natural cures for toenail fungus deep in the Amazon rainforest. He used these ingredients to treat his serious nail fungus infection, then decided to sell the formula to the world as MycoSoothe.

You can contact PhytAge Laboratories and the MycoSoothe customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-822-5753
  • Email: wecare@phytagesupport.com
  • Mailing Address: 12600 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite R-275, Bee Cave, TX 78738

PhytAge Labs was founded in 2015. In addition to MycoSoothe, other popular supplements from PhytAge Labs include Prostate 911, Testo 911, Blood Pressure 911, Immunity 911, and Keto 911, among others.

Scientific References:

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Mycosoothe fungus is a groundbreaking and revolutionary solution in the realm of fungal care and well-being. Mycosoothe fungus, with its innovative formulation, stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with fungal-related concerns. Mycosoothe fungus isn’t just a product; it’s a holistic approach to addressing and alleviating fungal issues, providing comfort and relief like never before. Mycosoothe  Mycosoothe  Mycosoothe  Mycosoothe 

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At the core of this revolutionary narrative is Mycosoothe, a brand that has become synonymous with effective solutions for those navigating the complexities of fungal care. The term Mycosoothe isn’t just a brand name; it encapsulates a philosophy dedicated to transforming the landscape of fungal health. Mycosoothe fungus, an extension of the brand’s commitment, is a targeted solution designed to provide relief and support in the face of fungal challenges.

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